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What’s the most valuable commodity for entrepreneurs, innovators and experts like you?

(Hint: It’s not money.)

It’s your time and attention. (The same is true for your customers too.)

And the endless hours spent searching for a business-growing, profit-generating magic bullet could be spent on:

> Increasing your influence as a thought leader and voice of value for your audience

> Updating existing or creating new products and services

> Enjoying the abundance and freedom you’ve earned

Doesn’t that sound like a much better use of your time and attention?

I think so.

And if you do too, this page is for you.

It includes everything you need to know to turn your big idea into a sustainable business. It’s divided into three sections:

> Essentials: Where to start if you want to grow your business and monetize your big idea.

> Guides and Courses: Free, in-depth courses to grow your business, develop your brand's messaging and launch profitable product promotions. (No email address required!)

> Tools: A list of the apps and software I use to run my business.

If there’s a resources that you’d like to see, shoot me an email and let me know!


> One Thing At Once: My signature subscription service that helps founders, creatives and consultants grow their business by completing a single high-impact, results-driven marketing task each. With the Free Forever plan, you'll get One Thing sent to your inbox each morning to help you make money from your big idea.

> Survivor or Standout: This essay contrasts the beliefs and behaviors of the two types of entrepreneurs and achievers

> Time & Attention: The Case For Desired-Outcome Marketing: A modern approach to business that puts the consumer at the center of all decisions pre-, during and post-purchase

> The Profit & Success Business Model: A four-part framework to build a business that creates freedom and abundance for you and your tribe

> Entrepreneurship, Explained: A five-step strategy to turn your big idea into a sustainable business

> The Ultimate Support System, According to By Michael Todd: You need these five people in your network to thrive as an entrepreneur, innovator or expert

> 5 Roadblocks That Almost Made Me Give Up On My Big Idea: I’m sure you’ll encounter them on your path too—if you haven’t already

> This Eight-Letter Word Got Me My Dream Job: Prepare to be inspired...

> Recommended Reading: 33 (and counting!) books on writing, productivity and marketing for entrepreneurs

> 109 Short Sentences on Branding: All my valuable branding and digital marketing advice, distilled into three parts

> The Brand QuestionnaireEight must-answer branding questions with customized advice based on your response

> The 10 Elements of Exceptional CopyRefer to this checklist for the components of well-crafted copy

> Everything You Need to Know About Personal Branding: Use what you've got to get what you want

> Open Mike: A behind-the-scenes look at how I run By Michael Todd

Free Guides And Courses

> Lessons In List Building: The fundamentals of email marketing and lead generation, driven by a customer-centered approach to marketing

> Say It With Your Words: Verbal identity and messaging for modern brands

> Pretty-Damn-Quick Product Promo: How to launch short revenue-generating promotions using my short “Big 3” email sequence

Tools And Software

My business is a lean, mean start-up machine. So that means I have to make efficient, cost-effective decisions that allow me to 1) be productive in the short term and 2) position myself for sustainable growth in the future. These are a few tools that help me do just that.

1) Asana: A web and mobile app designed to help teams track their work. I use it to manage project deadlines, my editorial calendar and business workflows.

2) Autopilot: I tried two email platforms before subscribing to Autopilot. And it’s true what they say: Third’s time the charm. Now, I have the user-friendly visual automation features I want and need to power my email marketing system. It’s so easy to create beautiful workflows, analyze data, and segment my audience. You can even send your subscribers in-app messages, text messages and direct-mail postcards.

3) Boomerang: If I’m not careful, email can hijack my day and stunt my productivity. Boomerang for Gmail is a godsend: I can write emails in advance and schedule them later, set reminders to reply to messages, and the tool follow-ups if I don’t receive a response from the recipient in a timely manner.

4) Drive: The popular Google-owned storage system that I use to run efficiently run my business. I share documents with clients during projects, create templates so I write copy fast and store my files in folders to keep organized. Hands down, Drive is one of my keys to productivity.

5) Evernote: I use this mobile and desktop app to organize ideas for the email campaigns and One Thing At Once. And since it seamlessly integrates with Google Drive, I don’t have to switch between apps. Less work, higher efficiency? Yes, please.

6) GBoard: I was an early adopter of Google’s keyboard for iOS after discovering I could seamlessly send GIFs and search the Internet without ever leaving the app. Plus, I’m obsessed with the predictive text, which eliminates those annoying autocorrect fails.

7) MemberSpace: This tool seamlessly integrates One Thing At Once’s subscription-based features with Squarespace for a seamless user and customer experience.

8) Muut: There's a section of the One Thing At Once dashboard where members can submit questions and suggestions. The discussion system is powered by Muut. It's fast, responsive, real-time and simple. But most importantly: I can embed the discussion board into my product so subscribers don't have to leave my site to chime in

9) SignEasy: There’s rarely a day that goes by where I’m not signing a document. With SignEasy, I pop a document into the app, enter my information, upload my pre-saved signature and can email it in just a few taps of the screen.

10) Simple: I thought an online banking tool with built-in budgeting and saving tools was too good to be true. Until I discovered Simple. I can deposit checks in seconds, withdraw money from practically any ATM (minus any fees!) and set responsible saving and spending goals.

11) Slack: I started using this popular communication tool in 2015 when I was an fashion editor at Lucky. And I’ve been obsessed since. It's how I connect with partners to avoid long email chains.

12) Stripe: I accept all payments for subscriptions to One Thing At Once through this platform. (For everything else, it’s PayPal, Venmo or Square Cash.)

13) Tape a Call: This app is a carryover from my days as a fashion editor. Now instead of using it to capture designer interviews for profiles and Q&As, I use Tape a Call to record calls for my clients and I to refer to at any given moment.

14) Up Next: An iPhone app I use to manage my daily to-do list. Based on factors like deadlines or appointment times and locations, Up Next tells me what I should be working on next. The app also provides directions and one-tap dial for when I’m in a hurry.

Oh, and as for this website: It’s powered by Squarespace. The theme is Montauk. And I have the Business plan.