Hi, I'm Michael.

I help perfectionists overcome procrastination, fear of failure and imposter syndrome to monetize their big idea. 

(Oh, and as you can see from this picture: I'm also too tall to fit into Instagram's famous Mini Conference Room.)

Now, tell me a bit about yourself...

I want to...

Step one: Find your audience (I can help...)

I want to...

Yes, people will actually pay you for your big idea

I want to...

Let's put your sales cycle on cruise control

Previously, I was digital style editor and "Ask Michael" columnist at Lucky, a now-defunct Condé Nast magazine. I've also worked with established and emerging brands—including ShopBAZAAR, GAP, Joyus and #blkcreatives—on e-commerce messaging, marketing campaigns and editorial strategy.

Now I partner with digital brands to position their products, craft story-powered campaigns and deliver memorable customer experiences. Additionally, I empower founders, creatives and consultants to stop waiting on the #PerfectScenario—and start focusing on one thing at once

Wait, before you go...

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